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IRS Problems?
Dealing with the IRS will show you options to end your tax nightmare.

Un-filed tax returns?
Unopened IRS notices?
Wages garnished? Bank accounts levied?
IRS took your tax refunds? Owe payroll taxes?
Tax liens on yours (or your business) assets?
Afraid IRS will shut down your business?
IRS Agent visited you?
Tried representing yourself before the IRS, with bad results?

There’s hope! Read this book!

YOU’LL FEEL EMPOWERED by understanding your situation and options. You’ll discover proven strategies that Mike Ornelas utilizes to help taxpayers and business owners claw their way out of messy IRS situations.

Even if you’re a tax dummy, this book proves that taxes CAN be made simple. It's filled with ways to lower your taxes. You'll get your taxes explained in this short book. Doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. Stop procrastinating. Learn how to end your IRS problems. Act today to get the IRS off your back.

If you’re ready to end your IRS nightmare…then this book is for you.

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